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Idiotfish sjz 2017
West coast 2017 idiot fish

"Idiot Fish is pruned down from the quartet on its previous release to a trio on this outing, with Wally Schnalle's drums and electronic effects, Hristo Vitchev's guitar, and Dan Robbins' bass, the latter replacing Joe Constantini. This is provocative jazz fusion, in large part boisterously animated, by three polished and inventive musicians. Fans of the consistently superb and extremely versatile Vitchev know what to expect and won't want to miss this one. The track "Fieldwork" is probably the most perfectly realized, but that's saying a lot considering the quality of the other seven. As for Schnalle's electronic effects, they are subtly enhancing and never obtrusive. This is a worthy follow-up to the first, self-named, Idiot Fish CD."
5.0 out of 5 stars 
Scorching jazz fusion  
By Scott Albin on June 20, 2016

"... fusion just doesn’t get any better than this.  … it’s most strongly recommended that you listen to this entire sonic extravaganza with headphones on, at least for the first sitting.  I give Wally & his crew a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED"      
                              Rotcod Zzaj,

“Working sound bytes into delicate infusions of soul, jazz, and electronica, Schnalle nourishes an integrated field of sound that at once evokes seventies nostalgia and progressive futurism.”
                       Tyran Grillo,

"Ever wonder what would have happened if Josef Zawinul had teamed with  Pat Metheny instead of Wayne Shorter to form Weather Report? I think it would sound a lot like this hot album by drummer Wally Schnalle."
                        Greorge Harris, JazzWeekly
“Idiot Fish” is a dramatic assault on the outposts of fusion who many considered abandoned. In fact, fusion remains alive and kicking on this album with Schnalle and company kicking it hard. Schnalle knows how to write it and this band most assuredly knows how to play it.”
                        Travis Rogers, JazzTimes
“Wally Schnalle has created a new level of sound for the next generation, stunning!”
                        Brent Black,
“About as avant garde and creative as jazz gets”
                        Grady Harp,